McGarvey and Gerard: Six Year Wait for Keystone is Long Enough

September 19, 2014 2:54 pm | Categories:

WASHINGTON, DC—The following joint statement was released today by Sean McGarvey, President of North America’s Building Trades Unions, and Jack Gerard, CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, on the six year anniversary of the Keystone XL pipeline application and subsequent delay:

Six years is a long time to wait.

Since September 19, 2008, the men and women of North America’s Building Trades Unions have been waiting for approval to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. There are no more excuses to further delay putting thousands of unemployed construction workers back to work. It is imperative to these men and women, as well as the energy security of our great nation, that the White House make a decision today.

In those six years, about 12,000 miles of oil and natural gas pipeline have been built in the United States. That’s enough to cross the U.S. nearly four times and proof that the political theater in Washington is behind the delay. The Keystone pipeline should have been approved long ago.

Keystone has passed five exhaustive environmental analyses by the U.S. State Department. Combined with the fact that it will be built with the safest, most highly trained and productive workforce in the world means there is no reason to wait. If the pipeline is not approved, Canada will seek an alternate route to export their oil and leave the United States without the jobs it most desperately needs.

Infrastructure projects keep our great nation growing, expanding and prosperous. This project is needed now to push the United States out of a stagnant economic recession in the construction industry and beyond. The project will generate 42,100 jobs during construction. An impressive figure equal to millions of work hours and earnings equal to approximately $2 billion. All of which will be funded through private investment using no taxpayer money.

The Keystone XL pipeline has been the most largely studied and vigorously analyzed pipeline project in history. It is time to deliver the promise of jobs and energy security. Six years is too long to wait. The time to approve the pipeline is now.