McGarvey Tells Congressional Committee that Labor-Industry Partnerships are Critical to Success

April 29, 2014 4:21 pm | Categories:

Building Trades Union Training Programs are Key to Well-Paying Job Opportunities in Energy Sector

McGarvey tells congressional committee that collaborative industry-labor partnerships are meeting the labor demands associated with 21st century energy projects

WASHINGTON, DC—Testifying before the Natural Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, North America’s Building Trades Unions President Sean McGarvey today outlined how the nationwide training infrastructure of the union construction industry is essential for meeting the skilled craft workforce needs of a burgeoning energy industry in the United States.

“We harbor no illusions that our success is built on anything other than delivering the safest, most highly trained and productive skilled craft workforce found anywhere in the world,” said McGarvey. “That is why our rank and file members and our signatory contractors collectively fund roughly one billion dollars every year to support and operate a nationwide network of 1,600 local joint labor-management apprenticeship training programs.”

McGarvey’s testimony was delivered during an oversight hearing on “American Energy Jobs: Opportunities for Skilled Trades Workers.” He was joined on a panel by Mike Rowe of the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, Robert Flurer from Skeels Electric Company, and Monica Martinez from the Hispanics in Energy organization.

The hearing was focused on the well-paying job opportunities for technical and skilled workers created by the recent American energy boom. Skilled trades workers are an integral part of employment in the energy sector and their importance will only continue to grow as American energy production expands.

“North America’s Building Trades Unions,” said McGarvey, “stand ready to work with this committee and the US Congress to find innovative funding mechanisms, government-sponsored or otherwise, sensible regulations and a collaborative tripartite relationship, between government, industry, and labor, to create the platform needed to regain American leadership in the energy industry and put a floor under the middle class while creating millions of jobs.”

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