Oilsands Initiative Promotes Skilled Trade Industry

June 6, 2012 3:00 pm | Categories:

Jobs And Hire

June 4, 2012
By Charlene Cooper

A joint initiative has been agreed upon between the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and Canada’s Building Trade Unions. Efforts between these organizations are being made to promote competitiveness within the oilsands industry. The focus of the agreement is to create a more competitive working environment within the skilled trade sector. The CAPP-Building Trades agreement will allow these organizations to work closely with the government in improving the amount of jobs available within the industry.

Dave Collyer, President of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said in a statement, “The oilsands industry is working closely with the Building Trades on initiatives to improve labor availability, including workforce mobility, skilled trades training, and apprenticeship opportunities, and immigration. Ensuring Canada has a strong skilled trade workforce benefits all Canadians.”

There is much potential to develop a stronger workforce within the skilled trades sector since the industry is said to hire the largest amount of skilled trades workers in Canada.

According to predictions made by the federal government’s Construction Sector Council, there will be significant work shortages by 2018 if no preventative measures are taken. Despite expectations that construction employment will increase by 180,000 jobs, 200,000 skilled workers are predicted to retire around the same time. Approximately 170,000 new employees will be anticipated in 2018. This is predicted to create a significant gap in workers.

Canada’s skilled trades labor unions train 80 per cent of construction apprentices, including 40,000 trained annually in concert with the oil sands industry and our employer partners,” stated Robert Blakely, Director of Canadian Affairs for the Building and Construction Trades Department. “With cooperation between oilsands companies and unions, oilsands will be Canada’s skilled trades training super-highway, deliver good paying jobs, the next generation of skilled trades people, and grow our economy.